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Summertime Blues or What about my insurance when I rent a car on Vacation??

Ah Summer! Swimming, vacations, Camps and cookouts. Sounds great right?

Summer is probably everyone's favorite season. You know it is with the kids! Many families fly to their destination and then rent a car. I want to just write a few reminders about renting a car and your auto insurance.

You personal car insurance coverages transfers to a rental car so you would have coverage when you rent. If you don't carry collision and comprehensive though you only have liability. HOWEVER, THERE IS ONE HUGE GAP in most personal auto policies coverage for rental cars and it's called loss of use.

Here's the deal. You wreck your rental car. The rental car company rents the car for $50 a day. The car is now unable to be rented. It takes 1 month to fix the car. So, you've cost the rental company $1500!!! If your personal policy doesn't cover loss of use, you will have to pony up. Again, some of my carriers have this coverage, some don't. Personally my auto insurer doesn't.

That being said, a safe way around this is to either buy the coverage the rental company offers and be fully protected or, what I do, charge your rental to a credit card that covers the gap in coverage. Be sure to contact your credit card company to validate their coverage.

Going to Europe is a whole different problem so please call for advice. 

Now, go out and have a wonderful Summer. Be sure to buckle up and don't text and drive!!!!!

Mitchell Beene