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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What does Replacement really mean in a Homeowner's Policy?

Many times when someone calls for a homeowners quote they can be confused about what replacement value means. I will try to give you a brief explanation.First, the cost of replacing your home entails many many factors,...

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7 Auto insurance Terms EVERYONE should know

Liability? Uninsured? Comp????? AHHHHH, help me please!!! Buying the correct coverage for your car is more complicated than it seems. While some companies say it's all done in umm 15 minutes or you can simply point a...

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"But I already have Life Insurance thru my job, why do I need my own policy? " Why you might want to rethink that position.

OK. I get it. If you are lucky enough to have a job with benefits, you probably are eligible for a nice group sponsored term life plan for either no cost or very little cost. So, while that's a great benefit and...

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Boating Season is Here – Are You Up to Speed on Safety?

With spring in full bloom and summer just on the horizon, prime boating season is upon us. And you might notice more people on the water than ever, because sales of recreational boats have been growing at a steady clip...

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