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Safe Driver? Earn an even better rate by using Telematic Devices

Most of us are safe drivers. With safe driving comes better rates and more discounts. Now there is a way for you to actually earn an even better rate and be rewarded for your safe driving.


Many companies we represent offer devices that plug into your car's computer while some simply use your cell phone. The devices usually measure sudden acceleration, fast or sudden braking, speed and time of day driven. For example if you drive a lot after midnight you may be a higher risk. You agree to install the device, try it for the set period-- some carriers 6 months, some more. During this time you can monitor your progress with an app or on your computer.  At the end of the period you return the device. Most carriers will give you 5 to 10% off the standard rate just for trying the device!

Having done this with my current carrier, I earned a 38% discount on one of my cars and a 14% on the other. These reductions are for the life of the policy too! 

Why not call us today and see how much you could save by your safe driving. It's all up to you. You earn it you save!!

Thanks and safe driving!

Mitchell Beene