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Perhaps the MOST important coverage you need in Auto Insurance and why you should be concerned

Ever wondered what your coverage really means? You want a quote and so you call around or get an online quote. What coverage is MOST important to you?What should concern you more than anything else?

Bodily Injury. Pure and simple.

I ask my customers, if you were seriously injured in an auto accident, perhaps permanently disabled, never to walk again or speak again, just how much would you sue for?Would you settle the claim for $25,000? $50,000? $100,000? I seriously doubt you would. So why are you not carrying higher limits? Because you were simply quoted and not advised. Many, many agents and online quote engines use low limits to steer you to a low price.

Why do we buy insurance? In the final analysis we buy insurance for the unexpected and we shift the risk onto the insurance company. Now, I feel personally that some insurance companies want you to carry minimum limits. They know they are on the hook for $25,000 say and no more. Then you are on your own. Here's the check we owed you, goodbye and good luck.

In Tennessee a vast majority of drivers are under insured and that is why you need high limits yourself. Uninsured and under insured motorist coverage protects YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM THE MINIMUM LIMITS OF THE AT FAULT PARTY THAT HIT YOU. 

So if you are seriously injured YOUR uninsured/ under insured motorist kicks in. Personally, I carry $500,000 limits and have a $1,000,000 excess liability policy ( commonly called an umbrella policy)  that would provide up to $1,500,000 if my family or even guest passengers were injured in an accident. Now that's peace of mind in this dangerous texting distracted driver time we live in. There's a reason you see personal injury lawyer advertisements  on TV constantly and on myriads of billboards. 

Remember, we can repair or total your car. We can replace things and cars are just things.

We can't fix the aftermath of bodily injury.  So it's up to you. Do you have enough coverage? 

Mitchell Beene