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Got an Air B n B or VRBO or just renting out a home? WE CAN INSURE IT!!!!!!

Let's face it. A lot of folks are jumping into renting out a room in their homes OR renting out their ENTIRE home on short term basis. With so much going for it, Chattanooga is a great place to visit. HOWEVER, did you know your regular homeowner's policy likely WON'T cover you?? That is why you need to give us a call at GlobalGreen Insurance of Chattanooga Beene Insurance Agency.

We have carriers that LOVE short term rentals and we can find you coverage for just about any dwelling. Got a cabin in the woods in Chattanooga or Lookout Mountain with no  ELECTRICITY? We can even do that!!!LOL

Got a lake house that sits vacant in Chattanooga seven months of the year? We can insure that! Own a boat dock with living quarters? We can insure that!

Own several rental properties around town and have multiple policies to keep up with? We can put ALL your properties under ONE POLICY!!!

Call us today or email us for an appointment. We are on the Northshore right beside the Walnut Street Bridge!!!

We can insure you!!!

Mitchell Beene