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What is the MOST IMPORTANT coverage you need? UM Coverage.Personal Injury Attorney Agrees

What is perhaps an after thought to most customers is the most affordable and important part of your car insurance policy. The other day I spoke with a personal injury attorney who confirmed my thoughts:

Under insured and Uninsured Motorist coverage.

Your auto policy not only protects you if you hurt or injure another person or persons,but it protects YOU in the event you are seriously hurt or injured by another driver with low or no limits of coverage.

Here's the deal, Imagine. You get hit while driving home. The other driver was texting but there was nothing you could do to avoid the accident. 

You are seriously injured.I mean rehab, broken pelvis, back injury,serious injury. The party that hit you? They have $25,000 bodily injury so their insurance company cuts you a check for $25,000 and says goodbye. Your family wants to sue but the other driver was a 22 year old carrying state minimum limits and the kid works at Target making $15 an hr. No assets so sue all day long, the kid has nothing for you to get. Now what do you do?? Well that is where the uninsured under insured coverage becomes SO Important.

Luckily, you are insured by GlobalGreen Mitchell Beene Agency of Chattanooga and you listened to our recommendation. Not only did we provide advise on the coverage you needed but we made sure you had maximum limits to fit your budget. In this case you have $500,000 under insured limits, UM, but you bought the personal umbrella policy we recommended as well for $1,000,000 which covers YOU as well. So in this case, your family has up to $1,500,000 available for your serious bodily injury. Truly the best and most important coverage you could possibly have. And it is so so affordable.

Coverage available does depend on which carrier you go with and you are required to carry certain minimum amounts of underlying coverage. As always, here at GlobalGreen  Mitchell Beene Agency of Chattanooga, we will advise you on your available options for your particular situation.

We want to be your insurance adviser, not simply your quote source.

Give us a call or request an online contact. KNOW before you GO.


Mitchell Beene

Agency Principal