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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

"Why do you need that info to quote"? Your guide to the why's and how to get the most accurate pricing from GlobalGreen Insurance of Chattanooga

We can shop your insurance for you with little effort and time on your part. Why should you want to spend your time going to various company websites or agencies to obtain the best coverage and price when all you have to do is call,email and text us. Our quote tab on the website can get you started but will not provide all we need to give you an EXACT quote!

 Here's a few facts about that you need to keep in mind on the information we need and WHY we need it.

1) We need ALL driver info: dates of birth, drivers license and yes, to obtain a FIRM quote we will need your SS#. While not required for a "quote" in order for the quote to be perfectly accurate, the SS # is needed. In fact none of my carriers will issue policies without them. Why? Because financial stability is a rating factor in insurance pricing, pure and simple. Now, that being said, if you would rather call us with that info you can. We have been in the insurance business in many capacities  since 1980 so thousands of customers have trusted us. We do not retain the info. Once it is used in quoting it is gone. You may also text  your info to my encrypted iphone. However, I do understand the reluctance in this crazy world to simply share this online. Just be aware that we will call you for the info so don't be surprised. I am a local agent, a Catholic Christian, I've lived in the community all my life and I have integrity  Simple as that. 

2) Current bodily injury limits. The higher the limits you currently carry the better your rate in switching. Higher coverage limits means recognition of greater responsibility on your part towards others and towards yourself. We also find many customers grossly under insured in bodily injury, especially if they don't understand what insurance is REALLY about. What if you hurt, maim or KILL another driver? What will your insurance provide? What about uninsured motorists? Imagine dealing with a personal injury attorney!!!

3) Current company insured with AND number of years with same company. This one is pretty easy. No insurance company wants a person who wants to switch every year. Acquisition costs are greatest in the first year. That being said, unlike some one company agents, we search for stable carriers who typically do not spike rates. We seek to build long term relationships AND we want to advise you properly. Usually we see a good shopping spot after year three and a better one after year five. So, long story short, if you have been with a one company agent , say Allstate, State Farm, Farmers,Farm Bureau, you really should call us to obtain a quote. We can usually save you substantially and as your needs change, you won't have to switch agents: we work FOR you, not for one company only.

4)Driving record. Yes, they will find out. Insurance companies share data using a loss information system and the Dept of Motor Vehicles has your MVR. Be up front with us about your driving record. While most of us don't recall everything, please try to recall what you can.

5) Vehicle ID numbers. They are the fingerprint of your car, usually providing all pertinent info on safety devices. Giving us only year make and model simply will not give you the best price.

For Homeowners and other property insurance we need accurate information especially info about condition of the home. For example, most insurance companies are limiting roof coverage, usually depreciating your roof if approaching it's life expectancy. Think of it this way. If you go to buy a home, don't you want there to be a dependable roof that's not in need of replacement or repair? Same with insurance companies. They want to insure dwellings that still have nice roofs. In the Tennessee Valley, roof claims are probably your greatest risk due to windstorms and hail. That being said we STILL offer full roof replacement from our top tier carriers. Also, any updates you have done to your home, HVAC, Plumbing, Electric and siding will help you obtain a better rate. NEW homes get very favorable ratings!

I think a reasonable person will understand that all of these factors make sense in rate development. Now, is everyone perfect? No. Do we have accidents, tickets or have we had storm losses, even fires? Of course. And we can help you in those situations as well. Some bad luck now and then is expected and we have markets for you in that case as well.

Finally, we work with you LOCALLY by phone but everything is handled online. There is never a reason for an in office visit, unless you deem it absolutely necessary. We use email and text exclusively. You can e sign all documents, pay online and also download company apps to manage your policies online and always have everything you need on your phone.. HOWEVER, you still have the professional service and advice of a local independent agent. 

We appreciate your time and thanks again for choosing GlobalGreen Insurance of Chattanooga located right beside the Walnut St Bridge on the beautiful NorthShore of Chattanooga.

Mitchell Beene