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Extraordinary Claims Satisfaction!!! A personal story of a Homeowner's Claim or why it matters that you know your AGENT and policy provisions!!

True story. 

A customer called me to thank me for the way his homeowner's claim had been handled. 

That's what I like to hear. Here's how it went.

A tree limb was struck by lightning and fell like a sword into the ground right next to the back bedroom. If the limb had fallen just a few feet closer it would have pierced the roof coming straight thru into the bedroom. Luckily, it missed, damaging the rear roof, decking and gutters. Now here's the good news.

Within 24 hrs, a tree service was dispatched and removed the tree and all debris. Within 48 hrs a LOCAL claims adjuster visited the home and wrote up a detailed estimate. Luckily for the customer he had a matching roofing and siding endorsement that meant since his roofing shingles would be mismatched the endorsement provided up to $10,000 extra coverage so the ENTIRE roof will be replaced instead of just the damaged area!!!

To top all of this claim satisfaction, the insurance company offers approved contractors who work directly with the customer so there is no need to get estimates from contractors you don't know. AND the repair work is GUARANTEED for 5 years!!!!!

So which company does this customer have? Safeco, one of the finest companies I represent. There are many great companies we represent but I am especially pleased with the entire Safeco process for this customer's Homeowners Insurance.

We will work with you to make sure you know what provisions YOU should have in your own homeowners policy. So many times customers only consider price, yet a policy is so much more than price and in any case, usually the difference is just a couple of hundred bucks a year.

Call or fill out the homeowners insurance quote sheet on our site. EVERYTHING we do is driven by customer satisfaction especially during the claim process!!

Have a great day

Mitchell Beene